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10384187_807199426018675_7359392924302662823_nThe Oscar stole the Casio in 2012. He was persecuted 12 days and 12 nights for 12 rascals bearded, muddy, ill-dressed and angry whom the Casio apparently was missing. Fled through deserts and forests that can be the of your preference, he spoke languages ​​that clearly did not know even because never were in any way misled the cold hiding the body at night and drank the sun which did not drink otherwise. The habit of not break by bending as far as you feel like it was he who invented it – now do it with planes – so even the desert know what to do it, wrapped it in a centrifuge sand and cacti and spat it brand new, impeccable as received. Comes from a solid place – but that doubles as some bridges – not you are nothing strange deserts that are in both guitars in whispers as screaming. I lacked the python, because. One can not say that Boa appears out of nowhere … pythons always come from somewhere. But it is less interesting to think about than what one can do when one appears. And it now appears that sit on the hips, a tingling in the legs, in a weaving motion, hypnotic and as the neck and head still deceive other guitars deserts, comes a voice that knows where it comes from but who knows stay. The Oscar Middle East – or is Next? – Boba Delhi, or an island far from any … all these places and some pretend smaller distance on the head of him that when he stole the Casio, stole without batteries and has accepted to make this self-imposed challenge feel to all We grips of Boa who invented.

I declare that this lying whenever I can, that character can be any of your preference, relate me with this way of not knowing wonder what you are doing, but feel that has to be done, or that it better to do, give there where der. He created the beast? You’ll have to move.

Rui Carvalho

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