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Last Movement is a four pieces band based in Rome, Italy, formed in 2011 basing on an idea of singer and guitar player Antonio Mauro. In order to shape the project, he started to write the very first songs and, after he met the drummer Andrea Adesso, they started to rehearse searching for other members to complete the line up. After many tests and musicians turn overs, in 2012 Luca Capone is the official bass player. In 2013 the band records the first single, “New Love/Feels like you”, a self produced 7’’, followed by another single, “Your Icon”, plus some remixes. Andrea leaves the band in mid 2013 for other music projects, and from then, it would have passed not so long for Misa Asci to take his place as drummer. While the band live activity is growing, the band make it to open for shows like Loop, The Soft Moon, Nothing, A Place to Bury Strangers, Disappears, Farflug, Giobia, O Children, Pink Turns Blue and many more. In 2014 they record their first studio album and 2015 is the year of change; the band gets Nuri Lupi as singer. Recordings are over, so the mixing process starts. Luca leaves the band for personal matters, but the band keeps on working to build relations with some labels showing interest for the album. Carlo Venezia is the new bass player in September 2016, and in November 2016 the new album is released on cd, vinyl and digital by BloodRock Records, Godfellas distribution. Right now, the band is promoting the album and scheduling a tour.

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