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SPHS is a trio hailing from Lisbon, Portugal who formed in 2016. The band is comprised of David Wolf (from Uni_form/ When The Angels Breathe and Sweet Nico), Producer, synths and guitars, Nuno Francisco (from Uni_form/Alma Mater Society), on drums and programming and with Nuno Varudo (from Persona Project/The Paper Road) as the lead singer and bass player.
SPHS’s music is hard to encompass into a single genre or sound. It draws inspiration from many bands such as: Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, etc. The band blends their influences with ever-present electronics (synths and drum machines) in a style most accurately labeled under the term, “darkwave”, a style of music reminiscent of the New Wave and Gothic Rock sounds of the 1980s, and post punk…and mix them into a modern and luxurious wave of sonic delight for the dancefloor.

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