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Ultima classifica della stagione, per l’occasione vi abbiamo preparato una top 50 con i fiocchi, da gustare durante le vostre ferie

buon ascolto e buone vacanze!

1.UNKLE – Looking For The Rain ft. Mark Lanegan, ESKA
2.undertheskin – BURN
3.Void Vision – The Source
4.Nine Inch Nails – LESS THAN
5.Drama Emperor – Jerusalem
6.Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort
7.Veil Of Light – Soul In Ethanol
8.Depeche Mode – So Much Love
9.Solar Fake – Stay
10.The Eden House – Verdades (I Have Chosen You)
11.Mark Lanegan – Beehive
12.Klimt 1918 – Comandante
13.Wora Wora Washington – We Sway
14.Me And That Man – Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
15.Deathray Bam! – A Spell On You (ft. Midnight Danger)
16.Die Selektion – Unter Die Haut
17.Poison Point – Roses & Lies
18.European Ghost – August in Winter
19.Silent Runners – Dark Mountain
20.IAMTHESHADOW – This Violence
21.THE MISSION – Only You & You Alone (Feat: Martin Gore)
22.Factice Factory – Extinguisher
23.Goldfrapp – Systemagic
24.I Tpame I Tvrame – End Now?
25.Meat Injection – Hang Me Love Me
26.FRÍO y VACÍO – Fue difícil
27.Selofan – Shadowmen
28.RUSSIAN ROSE – Mind Fight
30.Dade City Days – Fair Play (feat. Marcello Michelotti)
31.Lust Era – Left To Be Born
32.IoChiSono? – Simbiosi
34.NONN – Need
35.Fix8:Sed8 – Puritan
36.Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – In This Cold Place
37.FRÍO y VACÍO – No somos máquinas
38.Soror Dolorosa – Hologram
39.DA-SEIN – Jailbird
40.STOMPCRASH – Love is the Deepest Sea
41.10,000 Russos – Radio 1
42.Mr Little Jeans – Stitches
43.Instant Lake – Sit Back
44.European Ghost – Trip in the night
45.Bestial Mouths – Worn Skin
46.FOTOCRIME – Always Hell
48.We Are Temporary – Appalachian Trail
49.Hercules & Love Affair – Controller (feat. Faris Badwan)
50.The Hurt – Sleeping

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